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John Heisse

I want to thank both of you for your warmth, counsel and friendship. From the moment I met you both in La Quinta, I felt very comfortable and knew I was in good hands. I also noticed and was impressed by, how warmly you both were greeted at The Hideaway, Bighorn, The Reserve, and Pinnacle Point. I’ve also been in enough professional situations to tell the difference in reception when someone is truly respected and trusted. The home sales staff at each of those properties clearly like, trust, and respect both of you. I’m so glad that Sharon referred us to you.

Helen Richardson

Thank you guys for making this a smooth transaction. The fact that you were able to so accurately narrow down our search to exactly what we were looking for in terms of style and location, simply based on our email communication and prior to ever having met us in person, was impressive. This being our first California transaction involving escrow companies versus Real Estate lawyers, we didn't know what to expect. Thanks for making us feel at ease throughout this entire process.

Linda Geiger

The sale of our house had a lot of very complicated twists and turns. Both me and my husband didn't think this transaction had a chance for a successful outcome. Thank you, John and Cat for proving us wrong. George told our friends yesterday that your incredible knowledge about the luxury market and thinking FAR outside the box did not only save the deal but created a win-win situation that was far beyond expectations. And I couldn't agree more. Without your out-of-town connections and involving the right people, this sale would never have happened. Thank you for your hard work.

Greg & Sally

COVID-19 threw a wrench into what we thought were our forever plans in our Los Angeles home. While leaving the city seemed to be an overwhelmingly smart choice, our decision to purchase in Palm Springs was rather rushed and unplanned. Neither of us were very familiar with the desert - and starting a new chapter in a strange location seemed daunting. Thank you John and Cat for the crash course and educating us so thoroughly about the different areas, what sets them apart, and making us feel as though we ended up making a very well informed decision. We are excited to start our new chapter.

Brad & Steven

Thank you Nelson-Moe Group for your guidance in what ended up being a very complicated sale of our Palm Springs home. Given the circumstances we appreciated your calmness and professionalism, which we believe was a huge reason it ended as well as it did. A calm voice of reason during a storm can do wonders. Thank you. We hope that the Buyers will enjoy and cherish this home the same way we did.

Marcus & Steffi

It's been a month now since we have moved into our dream home in Rancho Mirage. We have received your follow-up messages and apologize for not having gotten back to you. Thank you for your great work and professionalism to get us into this home. Never did we think we would end up in Rancho Mirage until you educated us about the different areas, which helped us recognize exactly where we belong. We have NO plans of moving any time soon, but will be referring to you anyone we know who may be looking for Realtor representation.

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